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Finish the Damn Book


A no-excuses program for writers from Capital City Writers Association.

The End

There are no sweeter words to a writer, butgetting there can be an intimidating proposition. That’s why we created the Finish the DAMN Book program. 

How many times have you started working on a new book only to quit within a few weeks? How many half-finished novels do you have hidden in your computer? What if we told you that support, accountability and a little bit of incentive might be all you need to finally finish your book?

Finish the DAMN Book provides all three:

  • SUPPORT: You’llenjoy the camaraderie of other writers who share your dream (and understand why you sometimes argue with the voices in your head). We have an active Facebook group that is open to both CCWA members and non-members who regularly ask each other for writing and editing advice, share useful links, and find writing buddies.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:  You’ll set goals and deadlines and will be encouraged to report your progress.
  • INCENTIVE: Finish the DAMN Book awards prizes for participation. The more you participate, the greater your chances of winning the range of monthly prizes -- including bookstore gift cards -- and the year-end grand prize of a Kindle Fire.


How it Works

There are three main components of the Finish the DAMN Book program.

  • Virtual and in-person write-ins: We host weekly online writing challenges on our Facebook group and monthly in-person write-ins. (Dates for the in-person write-ins can be found on our events calendar.) Participation in the online write-ins count toward the monthly prize drawing.
  • Monthly worksheets: CCWA members will have access to a monthly worksheet on topics ranging from character development to editing on our members-only section of the website. 
  • Weekly goal-setting: Every Monday, participants will be asked to post their goal for the week and to follow up on Friday with their progress. Participation will also count toward the monthly prize drawing.


PLEASE NOTE: Only CCWA members are eligible for prizes. If you are a CCWA member and wish to participate for prizes, YOU MUST ENROLL BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW.

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