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Do I have to be a ccwa member to attend?




what do i need to bring?











Nope! All writers are welcome to attend Write on the Red Cedar. However, CCWA members receive a discounted registration fee and priority placement in one-on-one consultations with Michael Hauge and in manuscript reviews.

When you register, you will be asked to indicate if you are a CCWA member. If you are not, you will be given the option of joining as part of your registration for $40. IF YOU CHOOSE TO JOIN DURING REGISTRATION, please be sure to choose the MEMBER registration package.

If you're ready to register, please visit our REGISTRATION page.



All of our presenters will be flooding you with incredible information, so you need to bring something with which to take notes and carry hand-outs. If you plan to use your laptop or tablet, make sure your devices are fully charged. You may not have easy access to an outlet in our workshop rooms, so you should plan to rely on your battery power as much as possible. Wear comfortable but professional clothes. If you have special dietary needs, you may want to bring a snack or two. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and an open mind!

Some other things to consider:

  • Business cards -- Even if you're a new writer, business cards show that you are serious in your pursuit of your writing career and, more practically, make it really easy to stay in touch with all the other great writers you'll meet!
  • Cash -- The opening cocktail reception on Friday will feature a cash bar, and the parking garage at the Kellogg Center is a cash-only ramp. There is an ATM machine inside the Kellogg Center, but if you wish to avoid ATM fees, you might want to bring some cash just in case.
  • A tote bag -- As we mentioned above, you will receive a conference packet and hand-outs. Plus, there will be a mini bookstore. You'll thank yourself if you bring something to carry it all in!
  • Layers -- You know what it's like inside conference rooms. The temperature can be boiling or freezing. Wear a jacket or cardigan that you can easily put on or take off as needed.


The organizers of Write on the Red Cedar are committed to providing a New York-quality conference but without the New York price. We attract writers of all experience levels, and one way to ensure appropriate cost-savings to our attendees is to make sure that services meant only for more advanced writers aren't subsidized by all. We want to give you as many options as possible to build the perfect conference for you at the perfect price tag for you! For more information, visit our Conference Add-ons page.


Speaking of money, how does the registration fee compare to other conferences?



Why aren't agent appointments available this year?


what are my other lunch options if i don't choose the lunch panel?






are refunds available?

It's a deal! Conferences featuring speakers such as Michael Hauge can cost upwards of $500 just for the registration fee -- and that doesn't even include your travel costs or food.

Bringing top speakers and industry professionals like Michael Hauge to you in Mid-Michigan during winter takes a healthy bite out of our budget. Further, providing top-notch services can be pricey. One Saturday coffee break runs over $1,400, and the AV set up for a single room for the two-day event is over $900.

Write on the Red Cedar organizers work tirelessly to make your conference registration dollars stretch, work for you, and create the best, most writing-career-boosting event of the year!



After careful consideration of both our budget and the feedback we received from the 2016 conference, we decided it would be a better deal for all our writers to give them EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to query a wide array of agents and GET OUT OF THE SLUSH PILE, rather than fly two or three agents here who only represent a small number of genres. This is a huge opportunity for all our writers in all genres.

For more information, visit our PITCHING TO AGENTS page.



There are several restaurants within walking distance of the Kellogg Center. We recommend the Brody Cafe, which is across the street from the Kellogg Center. It's a giant food court-style cafeteria, but don't be fooled by the word "cafeteria." It features everything from vegetarian fare to made-to-order pasta. And ice cream. Lots of ice cream.

There is also a restaurant inside the Kellogg Center called The State Room. We recommend you make a reservation ahead of time if you choose to eat there.


The Kellogg Center has its own covered parking ramp accessible on Harrison Road. THIS IS A CASH-ONLY RAMP. Parking is not provided as part of your conference registration fee.



Coffee service will be provided twice on Saturday -- once in the morning and again in the afternoon. If you need more caffeine than that (and hey, no judging here), you can purchase coffee drinks in The State Room bar inside the Kellogg Center. Pop is also available for purchase by the bottle in the hotel gift shop.



Write on the Red Cedar is a not-for-profit conference dependent on registration fees to cover our costs. However, we understand that life happens! If you are unable to attend, refunds will be offered on a sliding scale.

  • Before Dec. 1:  Full refunds will be granted
  • Dec. 1 -31: Refunds will be granted for registration fees only; no refunds for conference add-ons
  • Jan. 1-10:  50% refunds for registration fees only; no refunds for conference add-ons
  • Jan. 10-20:  No refunds granted